An Illustration of What We Do

A few years ago, Ellsworth Paulsen Construction Co (EPCO) bid on a pre-designed project for a building authority. Despite being the low bidder, the cost to build the project was so far over the budget that the project was in jeopardy. Many thought the project would never be built. EPCO thrives on these type of situations. Being a proactive company, we went to work. In cooperation with the designer and the building authority, we were able to cut the project cost to almost 2/3rds of the bid price and still maintain all the original project preferences including the building size. Furthermore, at the end of the project, there were no change orders on the original negotiated items. The only additions were a few minor embellishments the building authority decided to add-on because additional funds had become available.

We really enjoy working with our customers. Our matchless experience, integrity, and competence allows our clients and other team members to work with us in a trusting environment. This rapport guarantees the absolute best value possible. In the end, the most important number to remember is not an initial bid cost but the final value received. Moreover, it does not hurt to have an enjoyable experience as the project is on-going, either. We are excited for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to continuing our acquaintances.