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Apartment & Condo Construction

What type of statement can be made in the construction of condos and apartments?

Every groundbreaking ceremony is cause for celebration at Ellsworth-Paulsen; not just due to the new business, but the new experience.  We are put in the fortunate position of constructing a new landmark in a bustling community.  Our staff members know that we are creating homes for hundreds of people, and that those residents will be depending on us to get all of the details right from the beginning. 

With a portfolio of projects that scale from $2 Million to $30 Million, our teams have had the chance to create some amazing pieces of architecture.  It is always fascinating to marvel at the finished product, knowing that we selected the right raw materials to maintain the beauty of the structure for decades.

At Ellsworth-Paulsen, our passion for constructing apartment buildings and condominiums is bar-none a force of nature in the industry.  We have built our reputation side by side with our elaborate structures, proving ourselves over and over again to the most discerning clients.  In this regard, it is as important for us to build our reputation as it is to get the job done properly.  Although a reputation is not directly tangible, it is a driving force in creating many tangible things.


When you set out to create residential structures that will house hundreds of people, it is vital to challenge yourself daily.  This is the philosophy with which we begin the construction of every new living facility.  In order to create an amazing piece of architecture, it takes much more than just elbow grease and obsessive-compulsive attention to detail.  We take things to the next level by envisioning the space as it will be used every day.  This helps us to better understand logistical problems, and help us to alert clients or project managers to issues as they arise.  It is this type of dynamic communication that prevents someone’s dream project from becoming a disaster.  As your contractor of choice, we take every precaution and measure to ensure exceptional delivery.

In order to achieve this level of success, it is vital that our workers understand the beauty of what they are creating, and the aspirations of the visionaries who conceived the project.  Just as a songwriter must have a great musician to make their work live and breathe; a talented architect must have an inspired contractor to bring their work to life.  We look forward to bringing your apartment and condominium living spaces to life in vibrant color and elaborate glory.