Whitehead Utility Center

450 West 700 North
Springville, UT 84663

The five Enterprise DGRV4-16 engines are powered by natural gas. The engines use 17 inch diameter pistons and 20-foot, 13 ton crankshafts to yield up to 9700 horsepower. An operator can open and close power line switches, start and stop pumps, monitor water tank levels, and many other functions from the control room using the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application. The electrical power is generated at 6,900 volts and produces an additional 22 megawatts capacity.



Causey Dam Hydroelectric

5 Miles Northeast of Huntsville, Utah, on State Route 39

Causey damn holds back a 142-acre reservoir on the South Fork of the Ogden River. This hydropower plant takes advantages of the head pressure at the base of Causey Dam. Included were the intake structure, the installation of the high head generators and appurtenances, controls, a concrete building to house everything and a distribution substation.



Smith Creek Hydroelectric Project

Located on Smith Creek, a tributary to the Kootenai River, approximately five miles from the Canadian border and 30 miles North of Bonner's Ferry, Idaho

The project consists of the following:

  • 75-foot long, 8-foot high diversion dam, fish ladder and screened intake to the penstock housed inside a steel building
  • 5.3-mile, 6-foot diameter steel penstock that carries water from the diversion dam to the power plant
  • Power plant that contains two horizontal shaft Pelton turbines, each driving a synchronous generator rated at 18 megawatts and a third horizontal shaft Pelton turbine, driving a synchronous generator rated at 2.1 megawatts
  • A substation
  • 30-mile, 115-kilovolt transmission line that terminates at the Bonneville Power Administration's Bonner's Ferry Substation.

The power generated at Smith Creek is wheeled through BPA transmission lines to EWEB. This 38 megawatt power plant was the largest high head privately owned power facility in the North American Continent.



Jordanelle Dam Hydroelectric Plant

Wasatch County just north of Heber City, Utah

Jordanelle Reservoir is fed and drained primarily by the Provo River, and is impounded by the Jordanelle Dam, an Earthen dam. The project consisted of a cast-in-place reinforced concrete powerhouse building with welded steel penstock, a rip-rapped tailrace channel, and other site improvements. The building was constructed adjacent to an existing Outlet Works Control Structure at the base of the dam and contains the powerhouse and an appurtenant control and battery room.

The turbine-generator equipment included two horizontal Francis-type hydraulic turbines, 12.47kV synchronous generators, hydraulic power and control units and 66-inch turbine inlet valves. The penstock was connected to the dam’s existing outlet conduit and consists of about 150 feet of 84-inch pipe, and 84-inch by 66-inch symmetrical bifuration, about 100 total feet of 66-inch turbine branch piping going to various transition sections.



Holy Cross Hospital Cogeneration Plant (now Salt Lake Regional Medical Center)

1050 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Demolition of the existing central plant occurred with reconstruction and additions at the same location. Three new chillers were installed through the winter months and were operational by spring. A natural gas cogeneration facility was also installed to provide the entire hospital with self-generated electricity. Throughout the demolition, remodel and addition the central plant had to remain operational. All shutdowns had to occur on weekends or in the early morning. There were limited staging and work areas requiring all items to be stored off site. Excavation and demolition items had to be trucked off site immediately. Delivery system upgrade for chilled water, steam and power grid were included as part of the project.